Celebrity Stylist Robert Verdi Chats about Fashion, Friends, & Nonsense

Posted October 10, 2012 by Amber in Fashion

I had the great honor of chatting with celebrity stylist Robert Verdi over the phone this past week. He is most notably recognized for his impeccable taste both in fashion and interior design and has been called upon by the likes of Eva Longoria, Hugh Jackman, Kathy Griffin, and Joy Baher to name a few.  We spoke about Fashion, Friends, and he humored me during a little game of word association.  Enjoy!


Which staple items should every woman have in their closet?
RV:  One of the things that women often forget about is the little red dress.  Its a head turner, and is universally flattering on all skin types and colors. Another staple item that all women should have in their arsenal is a classic trench coat.  Items that can transition from day to night, are key.  You can pair a trench over an evening gown and turn around and pop into a pair of jeans with a trench and look just as chic.  For folks with money to spend, a Satin Trench is another great investment.

Do you have a favorite trends this season?
RV:  Day and night lines have been blurred for ages as it relates to fashion. Brocade embellishment of any kind is key this season.  On the European runaways, brocade is becoming very popular in denim and in sportswear pieces. There is something fancy’ pants about it.  From a subtle brocade detail on the cuff of a blouse to a less subtle brocade trouser, I love it all.  The idea feels a lot more dressed up and is perfectly timed for the coming holiday season.

Which Trend should be banished from fashion existence?
RV:  The one thing I have never liked are cropped pants. They make tall girls look shorter and for shorter girls it does nothing for them.  They look very ill fitting and do nothing to flatter any figure.

Being a regular on the fashion police, you have seen many faux pauxs. What is one fashion no-no that we should avoid this fall/winter?

RV:  As a rule, wearing an old misshaped sweater, would bother me.  Have great knitwear that you can layer and throw a coat over rather than chunky knit.  Knitwear can be very sexy and lightweight!

Fresh off your fashion week travels, which up and coming designers should we be keeping an eye on?
RV:  From US Fashion Week, Timo Wieland had a great collection that he did some interesting things with. It just felt modern and cool!  From UK Fashion Fashion Week,  Ashish was another collection that was very interesting as well.
You have worked with many celebrities, from Eva Longoria to Joy Baher, and Hugh Jackman.  Which celebrity would you love to work with that you have not had the opportunity yet?
RV:  When you style someone you have to have a synergy with them, and should have similar taste. There is a natural synergy between Eva and I.  I would love to shop with Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, there is a lot of taste there.  They don’t need stylists in my opinion and are pretty good at editing their real life wardrobe.  They may have a couple things they could teach me, and I may have a few tricks I could teach them as well.  

With the Holiday season approaching which celebrities give the best gifts?
RV:  I have spent Christmas Day with the Jackman’s (Hugh Jackman that is) for years now. They are incredibly gracious people and take so much care when they entertain. Each Christmas there are 15 to 20 of their nearest and dearest at the dining table.  One year they gave me a fabulous charm necklace, another year an incredible art book for my collection.  They put a lot of thought and care into the gifts that they give. Eva Longoria is another great gift giver, she is so very generous and always indulges me.  She has gotten me some amazing Louis Vuitton pieces.

You are also renowned for your quick wit, so I thought it would be fun to play a quick Word Association Game.  I am gong to say something and you tell me what comes to mind.
GT: Crocs (The Shoes)
RV: Kathy Griffin.  A few weeks ago I dressed Kathy for the Emmy’s.  Her assistant sends me a picture of Kathy in the dress, and I said “why does it look so long”, and she said oh don’t mind that she’s wearing her crocs underneath.
GT:  Kim Kardashian
RV:  What I think of right away are her tits. Which is strange, because most people think of her ass! Next that comes to mind is “Kim KarTRASHian”
GT:  Iphone 5
RV:  I’m an Iphone 4s, and if I ever lost that phone I would be in prison and would never work again.
GT:  Honey Boo Boo Child
RV: Uggggghhhh…@!#&%… I think IMBRED and Pregnant at 8. No in all seriousness, I feel sad that what we want to do as a culture is feel better about ourselves by exploiting people like that. I feel bad that an industry would do that to people. It feels gross, but that’s not to say its not trainwreckey and I don’t watch. I just feel like I want to throw up after I watch it.

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    I loved this interview and I wish that I could have been a fly on the wall! Sounds like you had a good time!! Thanks, Amber!

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    Peggy Bayer

    Great interview Amber! I love Robert. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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    Awesome interview!!! xo

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    I think your interview was great! I love the tid bit about Kim, everyone thinks shes trash yet she has marketed herself so much so that she son everyone’s mind all the time. So she must be doing something right? food for thought

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