Revlon Lip Butters Review & Swatches

Posted November 12, 2011 by Amber in Beauty
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As the Revlon Lip Butter Craze sweeps the nation I too have fallen in love with these sweet little gems!  Not only are they incredibly affordable with their $8 price tag, they give your lips the most delicious “buttery” finish.  I am impressed with Revlon’s ability to create such a fantastic formula while still remaining true to their price point.  If you are a fan of the MAC Creamsheen lipsticks, then you will find the Revlon Lip Butter Formula to be a fabulous near perfect dupe and at half the price!

I have purchased all of my lip butter’s from CVS pharmacy lately as they have been running a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off on all Revlon products. The great news is that Revlon is adding the Lip Butter Line to their permanent collection; so you do not need to stress out if you aren’t able to get your hands on these babies yet.


  • Peach Parfait
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Cherry Tart
  • Red Velvet

Holy Grail Status for the following reasons

  • Affordability
  • Color Selection
  • Pigmentation
  • Moisturizing
  • Incredible Lasting Power

Where can the Lip Butters be purchased?

  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aide
  • Target
  • Certain Bed Bath & Beyond Stores that sell beauty products


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What you do you think about the Revlon Lip Butters? Are they worth the hype?

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    Very nice write up. I wish I could give you my opinion! But unfortunately, I can’t find them yet! I can’t wait until they come to my citie so I can try them though!! I’ve heard nothing but raves about them.

  2. avatar

    They look really good! I love the packaging .

  3. avatar

    I want to have them so badly but unfortunately they are not available in my country :( but I hope to get them soon :)

    • avatar

      I am sorry to hear that they are not available in your country yet. Hopefully they will make to your area soon!

    • avatar

      You can get them on Ebay. Search for the seller “onelasttouch”. I got them in my country where they are not available yet and they are AMAZING

  4. avatar

    I haven’t been able to try them yet but the colors look beautiful!

  5. avatar

    OMG…..they look so good. Too bad I cannot find them in my country :(

  6. avatar

    Oh my! They are all gorgeous colors..thank you so much the swatch is a pus in helping decide on which to buy :)

  7. avatar

    You got so many colors lol I Love them picked up a few more this weekend.

    xo Jenn

    • avatar

      Lol I couldn’t help myself Jenn! Which colors did you pick up? I still haven’t found Red Velvet, when I find it I will be finished buying them for now! lol xo Amber

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    Oh I want go try candy apple

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    Excellent swatches!!!!

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    Thanks for the swatches !! Being in France I’ll order from ebay so this kind of post is sooooo usaful. Thx again ;-) )

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    Love your new blog look and the swatch posts!

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    Amazing swatches!

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    I’m dying to try Lollipop! Haven’t found them yet. I’m feeling like maybe I need to make an evening trip to Target. If they don’t have them, at least I can get one of the good brownies. Love all the work you’ve done here. Your blog looks fantastic! xo Ang

    • avatar

      Lollipop is yummy, I wore it this week! I also got my hands on Red Velvet, and am absolutely in Love! I will update my swatches with it this week sometime ;)

  14. avatar

    are they out in australia or the UK? can you order them from other countries? if so, how much is it to ship them???

    • avatar

      Unfortunately, I do not believe they have made their way to the UK or Australia yet :( I have seen them sold on Ebay and, however beware of price gougers! These only cost $7 each here in the states.

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    Hi Amber! these swatches make me want to buy a couple of these lip butters. Can’t find them in my area yet but I’m looking forward to being able to buy and try them :)

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    I love the Berry Smoothie and Candy Apple. I wonder if these are available in Canada yet

  17. avatar

    I live in New York city and I been hitting up every single drug store but i guess their not in yet, I was wondering is anyone else having this problem???

    • avatar

      Hey Susie, I live in New York City as well, and have been searching for these NON-STOP! the only place I found them was the new Ulta (in Rego Park Mall, Queens) but I only found two. ONLY two!

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    I like berry smoothie and peach parfait, i feel like they would pretty match my skin tone. :) great watch! thanks! :)

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    I do like the pink truffle, my only complaint is that they are very hard to open (not enough at the bottom to hold as you pull it out of the case). Great site by the way, very helpful!

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    Hi! i want all of deze :( but v dont av dem in our country…v dont av revlon here n i realy want deze :( ….u r doin a great job!!!

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    I have four shades: sugar plum, lollipop, raspberry pie and peach parfait and i love every single one of them. They’re pigmented and though creamy, the color stays put. It helps that the names are so yummy and the packaging, so pretty. I’m planning to get some more, maybe red velvet, tutti frutti, cherry tart, berry smoothie and creme brulee. :-D

  22. avatar

    Thank you for the swatches. I liked and tweeted!

  23. avatar

    What a great website. Great review. I almost want to buy these but I hate the packaging.

  24. avatar
    kirsty seymour

    I love pink truffle :)

  25. avatar

    What colour would you say is closer to a
    Coral colour? Peach parfait or strawberry shortcake? What would be a light appropriate colour for a 11 year old girl? Thanks ;)

    • avatar

      Hi Christine!

      Of the two colors that you mention Peach Parfait would be the closest to a Coral color. Strawberry Shortcake is a true pink shade. :)

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