NYX Butt Naked Eyes Review & Swatches

Posted December 11, 2011 by Amber in Beauty
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Well…well…well I have found myself in the midst of a quandary folks!  I am reaching for the NYX Butt “Naked” Eyes palette far more frequently than my Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2 shadows.  I am absolutely smitten by this palette!  The NYX Butt Naked Eyes palette is many things that I was hoping the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette would have been.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I am a die hard Urban Decay groupie and owner of both Urban Decay Naked palettes.  This review is simply pointing out what I love about the NYX version {which might I add is quite a lot}

What the Palette Includes:

  • 15 total eyeshadows
  • 4 Blush Shades
  • 1 Bronzer Shade
  • 2 Face Highlighters/Illuminators
  • Wide Mirrored Compact
  • 2 Dual Ended Applicators

Reasons Why You Need This Palette:

  • It has great options for BOTH cool & warm toned individuals
  • There are several matte shades included
  • You have a wide range of netutral and dramatic shadow options
  • These shades are not filled with “glitter” fall out
  • The pigmentation is stellar! Comparable to high end brands.
  • The blush and bronzer options cater to any look that you are trying to achieve.
  • The price point is affordable, ranging from $19-$25 depending where you purchase.

Where to Purchase:


What are your impressions of this Palette?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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    I love the eye shadows. I went to Ulta the day after you tweeted about this and was so happy to find it in stock. I think this is really a great palette and it changed my mind about getting the Naked 2 palette.

    One of my girls woke up and she loves nail polish so we watched your julep nail polish video. Then I had to paint her nails!

  2. avatar

    I think the neutral eye shadows are great. Thanks!

  3. avatar

    The blushes look so soft in color and touch. I’d love to try them. Thank you for the give away!

  4. avatar

    I think the blushes look great! thanks. i would love to try the eyeshadows to!

  5. avatar

    I think the fact that you can create an entire look including blush, bronzer, and highlight is simply amazing! It’s the perfect travel kit!

  6. avatar

    I love how the eye shadows are a neutral color & some have shimmer in it. I also love how you can create one whole simple look with this one palette. (:

  7. avatar

    I LOVE that smoky purple shade of shadow at the bottom! Gorgeous! I also love the highlighters and the fact that it will work with my cool toned skin. Incredible! :)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

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    I love that the palette has so many colors, they’re perfect for a smoky eye.


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    Cheyenne Lopez

    I love the smokey eye you can create! & the simple fact that its travel size with everything you need in it! i also love how some shadows are shimmery and some are not!( :

  10. avatar

    I love the eyeshadow colors, these are exactly the colors I use every day. Besides, the palette is so small, you can take it anywhere with you.

  11. avatar

    Ooh, I love all the matte shades!

  12. avatar

    I love the colours! They are perfect!

  13. avatar

    I love this palette because you can create a natural look or a smokey eye look, I love the neutral colors.

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    Ohhhhh, thank you, thank you for doing this review! I’ve been waiting because I knew you were going to do it….Off to go buy one….I can’t wait! So many dupes it looks like…The top left blush looks like it could almost be a dead-ringer for NARS Orgasm.

  15. avatar

    I love the matte colours and the fact that there is a hidden blush/highlighter compartment! Gorgeous colours! =)


  16. avatar

    That looks awesome! Love the purple!

  17. avatar

    I love the neutrals, but what I love te most, is that it is travel friendly, bacause it includes 4 blushes and bronzer, wich I LOVEEE!

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    Katie McAllaster

    I love that it comes with blushes and bronzer… Really nice set!

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    I love this! Gosh that is exactly something that I need. Believe it or not but I don’t have a single eyeshadow yet. I’m only just beginning to take interest in all that (and boy at what magnitude, I want EVERYTHING :D ) at the tender age of 26 :D Anyway I love your pictures! Really good pics, really shows what they look like.

  20. avatar

    Oh..wow…you were so right when you said that a video does not make them justice. I just watched the video and I was not impressed, but now, looking at the colors, they are amazing!

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    AWESOME palette!

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    My fav thing about this palette is the numerous looks you can create. Awesome colors. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  23. avatar

    love the colors…and its perfect for travelling also…:)))) amazing palette:)))

  24. avatar

    love all the colors and the blush selection is awesome!

  25. avatar

    Looks like an awsome palette to have for a alternative for the naked palette!

  26. avatar

    Hey! I LOVE the swatches of this palette, i think they are great colors! :) I have pale skin and i think the swatches would look nice. thanks for the giveaway!

  27. avatar

    I love that you can achieve both daytime, subtle looks and more dramatic looks with one palette. So many of the palettes I have are either neutral, or dramatic colors. And we always gravitate towards more popular brands, so it’s nice to see a product from another line. Thanks so much for this review!

  28. avatar

    I love all the shades and how you can create so many looks from just one palette !
    The blushes are all gorgeous as well ! :)

  29. avatar

    Those cool neutral tones are so “me”! Thanks for swatching.

  30. avatar

    I love how you have many varities that you could use, smokey look or even a natural look.

  31. avatar

    That palette is really gorgeous!!!!

  32. avatar

    The shadows! they are soo perfect!:) i’d like to win those!

  33. avatar

    There are so many looks I could make out of this beautiful palette!

  34. avatar
    Flaviane (Zahrakhadija on YT) Yt)

    I’m in love with the row 2!!!!

  35. avatar
    Edie Cochetti

    thanks so much for the great swatches, saw this kit and was so glad you reviewed it and did a video on it! love when you have one palette to do everything! love the colors. amazing palette!

  36. avatar
    Adriana martinez

    I love this palette because it has everything u need in 1 palette eyeshadows,blushers,bronzer && highlighters … U can almost finish doin ur whole makeup face with just 1 palette!

  37. avatar

    super pretty! i’ve been wanting it since it came out, but since i’m traveling out of the country i’m holding out. maybe it’ll be my early valentine’s in january present to myself :)

  38. avatar

    What I love about this palette is that it has so many great blushes,eyeshadows,bronzer, and highlighters in such a small palette. And i really like big mirrors. :)

  39. avatar

    I love the colors in this palette!!!

  40. avatar

    Awesome! Very pretty!

  41. avatar

    I love the neutral colors and that they are more grey-toned than other neutral palettes such as UD Naked palette! So pretty!

  42. avatar
    Emily Kim

    What I like most about the palette are the extremely usable, everyday shades and the variety in finishes (e.g. pearl, matte, shimmer, etc.)

  43. avatar

    What I love about the palette are the soft eye shadow colours. so pretty!!

  44. avatar

    What I like most about this palette is because it’s matte. It seems as if everything is shimmery these days.

  45. avatar

    I like NYX Butt Naked Palette has more matte shades, WITH extra bonuses of blushes, bronzers and highlighters too!!! NOT FORGETTING under a very good price too! It’s a certified STEAL for this palette! =)

  46. avatar

    I love that it has so many colors that you can create so different looks using this palette!

  47. avatar

    This palette looks so nice. I like the fact is has matte shadows. I love matte shadows and need more, LOL. I would love to win this palette, so please enter me in this contest. BTW, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your videos.

  48. avatar
    Heather L.

    I love this palette! I have been looking for a palette that combines neutrals with darker colors like dark purples and blacks. I love that this palette looks like all of the colors have good pigmentation, and not overly loaded with chunky glitter fallout (like in my current favorite palette – UD Naked). I would love to win this palette, but I appreciate your honest review and swatches!

  49. avatar

    I LOVE all of the matte shades!!!

  50. avatar

    In general i love the quality of Nyx eyeshadows, and this palette not only has 15 eyeshadows, it also has 3 blushes, 2 bronzers and 1 highlight:)

  51. avatar

    I love how pigmented the shadows are, especially considering the price! Really enjoying the cooler-toned shades in this :D

  52. avatar

    I’d most certainly love this palette, like I commented on YT, it’s the perfect conjunction between the Smokey Eyes palette and the Champagne and Caviar one, so so beautiful.

  53. avatar

    i love the pigment of the shadows. i cant get the naked pallete bc i have to buy my daughter formula and other newborn necessities, but i think that this is a dupe for the naked pallette ! and i would love to own it !!

  54. avatar

    I love the eyeshadows! I love the variety of colors and they look so soft and buttery!

  55. avatar

    Great blush collors! I love it!

  56. avatar

    this palette is amasing, I’d love to try it out :)

  57. avatar

    I love how the colors look so wearable and how one of the blushes looks like an exact dupe for the Nars Orgasm!! Thanks :)

  58. avatar

    You have me sold on this one! A naked palette with purples?! Amazing!

  59. avatar
    Lisa N.

    Great review and swatches! This palette looks awesome!

  60. avatar
    D. Clementino

    I love the finish of these shadows. The UD Naked palette was to shimmery for me. so this is better with matte and pearl shadows I can make use of.

  61. avatar
    Danielle R.

    I love the idea of having a natural/smokey eye in one palette (the color combination alone is great!)
    & I love how a lot of them are matte! :D I am definitely entering into this contest! Thanks for having it! ;)

  62. avatar

    I like how the blushes and bronzers are on the same palette, and I like all the neutral colors :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. avatar

    OMG! I am in love… This palette is so beautiful!! I have the naked palette and I love it ( I’m an urban decay groupie too !) This nyx palette would work well with the naked palette(I only have 1st one, hoping to get 2nd one too, but it sells out way too fast, everytime I try it’ s out of stock!!:( } I so need to have this palette( LOL…, more like want, I’m a total makeup junkie!!) And now that I’ve had my transplant , I actually feel good enough to actually wear makeup again!!! I’m gonna put this on my Christmas list- I’ve been good so hopefully Santa thinks so too and brings me one! I just came across your blog today and i really like it i am now going to check out your YouTube channel and subscribe! Thx for the great review, I always appreciate good, honest reviews, that way I know whether or not to buy whatever I’ve been eyeing! I am definitely going to start reading your blog all the time, I haven’t found a blog that I’ve really liked and been impressed with in a long time!!

  64. avatar

    I also wanted to say I absolutely love NYX products! I love how they are just as good as the more expensive high end brands but so much cheaper! The quality of their products is amazing, I have not been disappointed with any of the items that I’ve bought deploy this line!! Does anybody own their nude palette that came out last year , I’ve heard is a dupe for UD’s Naked 1 palette and have been contemplating buying it because 1. It is a great price, And I love NYX and 2. It has more eyeshadows than the UD naked 1 palette and sinc I have urban decays naked palette 1,I wanna try nyx’ s other neutral palette!! Anyway thanks again! Om

  65. avatar

    What I like about this NYX but palette is the selection of shades to enhance your own natural beauty without overdoing things. These are very soft shades of color and in some cases almost pastel-like. Darker skin beauties might not find the joy here but if your fairer or medium toned you should be able to create some very pretty, natural looks for work or day. I think the palette should appeal to the minimalist makeup users as well since these shades simply enhance rather than create bolder, vibrant looks.

  66. avatar

    I really like that this palette has got everything you need for a neutral makeup tutorial. Like you said in the video review this palette is good to take with you when you travel :) I’d love to have one palette like this as well =)

  67. avatar
    vivian h

    I love how beautiful the colors look, will ne a great addition to my Naked collection

  68. avatar
    Ariel Nguyen

    This palette is perfect for my aunt! i really want to get her something this year :) !! I love the good combo of shimmers and matte colors :D

  69. avatar

    I love the color selection!

  70. avatar
    Hannah Usher

    This sounds so cool. I’m sad because I JUST bought the Urban Decay palette at Sephora. If I would have seen this video first, I would have just gotten this one.

  71. avatar

    I love that this is natural and I can have numerous everyday looks with this one

  72. avatar

    I was wondering if the eyeshadows from this palette would fit in mac eyeshadow palettes?

  73. avatar

    I love the versatility of the product.On a regular day.this may be all you need :)

  74. avatar

    These colors look so wearable and will compliant anyone….thats what I love most about this palette!

  75. avatar

    love it!! so awesome.

  76. avatar

    what I like most about this palette is that it’s so travel-friendly! all you need is in here :) you only need to packo your foundation, mascara and concealer and you’re done! :) )

  77. avatar

    I love that these are everyday colors that are easy to wear!

  78. avatar
    Heather P.

    Since I only like to wear a light wash of color all over my lids or a smokey eye this is allIi need. I love that this palette has so many light shades and I really need a matte dark brown shade for a brown smokey eye look.

  79. avatar

    love the fact that the palette includes several matte shades! love matte! and you can’t beat the pigmentation of NYX eyeshadows…

  80. avatar
    Ella Coman

    I really like that there are both matte shades and glimmer ones and the colors look great for both a day makeup and also a more dark one for evenings.

  81. avatar

    I like the plastic packaging over the urban decay cardboard packaging. also, I like that they gave you more than just eye products! naked all over!!

  82. avatar

    Love the variety and quality of this palette. Have drooled over it in Ulta several times. It’s a universally flattering mix of shades. The shadows and blushes are beautiful and the variety can’t be beat.

  83. avatar

    i love how u can create so many looks with these shadows, and that there is also a separate part for face products.

  84. avatar

    This is such a great palette! I love how NYX packages their palettes. It’s so compact but has a lot of products inside!

  85. avatar

    i love love love the light colors, the highlighting ones, b/c it’s usually really hard to find, well for me, and I like to use a lot of white and a great, deep black is always awesome as well!

  86. avatar

    I love how theres so many neutral eyeshadows because you could wear this everyday. Its also travel friendly :)

  87. avatar

    i love that you can do natural eye cuase i just started with makeup and like making natural eyes :)

  88. avatar

    omg this looks SOOO amazing !! i love how soft the colors look applied & the great use you can get out of these colors! also nyx is just awesome :D

  89. avatar

    I’ve never tried this brand but I keep meaning to. Looks like a good palette to try! I love neutral shades. Thank you for the review and swatches!

  90. avatar

    i love it being compact and the eyeshadows are so wearable

  91. avatar

    This is a gorgeous palette

  92. avatar

    I really love the colors, especially since there are matte colors.

  93. avatar
    Theresa Ng

    I love the neutrals as well as those for the smokey eye look : )

  94. avatar
    Christine Okunbor

    I love that there are shimmer shadows in it also and blush etc.

  95. avatar

    : / quite hard to say what I love the most about this palette since everything looks great!

    but I’ll have to admit the blushes are simply gorgeus :)

  96. avatar

    I love the eyeshadow in the palette. They are some everyday colors and they are also matte

  97. avatar

    I love that eye color that is the far right on row 3. It is so pretty with the variety of plums with sparkle. Just so stunning!

  98. avatar

    The pallate looks amazing…♥

    I’m loving the combination of the shimmer and the matte shadows…

    Thanks for opening the giveaway.. ♥

  99. avatar

    I like the fact that the eyeshadows in this palette are more cool than warm, because they tend to look better on my skin. And of course the fact you get a lot of product in one palette :)

  100. avatar

    The colours are very pretty! This palette is essential for so many looks… Love it!! :)

  101. avatar

    I love the colors of this Palette and love that you also get blushes and everything else with it (contour, highlighter) etc. love this Palette overall and hope to win 1 !!!!

  102. avatar
    Laura Freeman

    The colors are beautiful!!!!!

  103. avatar

    The thing I like most about the palette is that all the colors are very wearable either paired together or even by themselves. Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. avatar

    I love the versatility of the palette. It would certainly decrease the amount of “stuff” I have in my makeup area because it’s got everything. It also would be great for trips.

  105. avatar

    I like the metallic shades the best

  106. avatar

    i haaaave to have this palette! it is EXACTLY what i’ve been looking for at an affordable price. i would probably use this palette every single day. LOL. FANTASTIC review!

  107. avatar

    I love the colours in this palette:) It looks great for everyday wear and I also like how there are blushes included too!

  108. avatar
    Chris Taddei

    I love this palette.. love neutrals and the blushes seems so natural too!

  109. avatar

    I’ve been looking out for the best neutral palette that’s not too expensive, and your review just perked up my interest on this one. The shades are so lovely. plus I love blushes. so this is really a dream. Love to have one!

  110. avatar

    this seams like a great alternative to the Naked palette… plus blush, highlight and face makeup to boot. NYX is always a great product for a wonderful price tag!

  111. avatar

    i think this palette is a great starter kit for somebody who is just starting out with makeup like myself because it really has a great selection of all the colours somebody will need to create MANY MANY types of looks, be it daytime or nightime. thank you!!!

  112. avatar

    I like it! i really hope i win!

  113. avatar

    I love the color selection in this palette.
    I’m a big fan of neutral eyes and this is perfect

  114. avatar

    I like the naked colors, it’s really different from the urban decay naked palette!
    The packaging is pretty and classy!
    Hope to win!

  115. avatar

    I own the NYX Soho palette and I hope I can win this one. The colors are truly pigmented.

  116. avatar

    I don’t own any NYX, but after looking at these swatches I am very intrigued. I like how the shadows look kind of creamy and not dusty or powdery.

  117. avatar

    I love NYX eyeshadows!!, and the colors look great! I’d love to try this palette!!..looks like they have potencial!..and by the way happy new year!! n.n

  118. avatar

    I got my Naked I for free, so when the buzz began about Naked II I figured I could shell out for the collection. Now maybe I don’t need to! I love the pigment of NYX anyway and this collesction of colors looks to be incredible. As a diehard UD fan I have a collection of palettes that I pick through for the colors I like (avoiding the chunks of shimmer and glitter) but with this I think I have all I need…for now anyway…;) Thanks for the awesome review!!

  119. avatar

    love the blush colors!

  120. avatar
    chaya bunny

    What I like most about this palette is actually not the eye colors themselves but the face colors that go with it. I tend to like eye palettes that combine blushes as well, just to make it easier to find matching colors. ^^

  121. avatar
    Giulia M.

    This is great! I love the fact that there are mat colors! I’m a big fan of neutral eyeshadows, but I feel I need to make different looks for the day, without any glitter or even shimmer colors. This is it! :D

  122. avatar

    i love the neutral colors. but you still can create amazing make up with that

  123. avatar

    I love the silver color and neutrals are great!

  124. avatar
    Brianna Morgan

    I’m excited to see what the bronzer/contour powders are going to look like! I need a good bronzer that is at a decent prize! And I do love thelight shimmery champagne and light bronze colors(:

  125. avatar

    What I like most about this pallet that it is a great starter kit for people new to makeup like me

  126. avatar
    Sudhaa Gopinath

    Love the blushes!!! Love the matte eyeshadows too!!!

  127. avatar

    Boo hoo- They don’t have it at my Ulta yet :( The swatches seem true to the pan colors and I. Like the variety of shades and finishes. I have the Champagne and Caviar palette which I really like but I can never have too many eyeshadows and I am a sucker for neutrals (drool) If I don’t win the giveaway, I will have to suck it up and just order it. It’s a shame because I’ve been stalking my Ultas in search of this for what seems like forever. NYX blushes are as addictive as their eyeshadows too! Thanks for posting such a detailed review with great quality pics! Hugs, Julie

  128. avatar

    What I like most about the palette is that it contains a lot of matte shades. That’s the one thing I miss in most palettes.

  129. avatar

    These colors would really bring out my blue eyes.

  130. avatar

    I like the portability of this item in addition to the wide range of choices for eyes and face.

  131. avatar

    Thanks a LOT!!! I was waiting to buy both Urban Decay Naked palettes as a Christmas present for myself but will just get this NYX palette if I find it and save $75-80!!

  132. avatar

    how do u do your swatches? over primer? using your fingers or a brush?

    i feel in love with this palette because of your swatches, its awesome !

    • avatar

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words! I use a Sigma F70 Brush with Mac Painterly Paintpot as my eyeshadow swatch primer. For the shadow I use a Sigma E55 brush over the top of the primer in order to capture its true color on camera. :-)

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