MAC Heavenly Creature Collection Haul & Swatches

Posted July 6, 2012 by Amber in Beauty

The Mac Heavenly Creature collection is quite possibly my favorite Mac Launch so far this year you guys!  The highlighter and blush fiend in me cries out for more face candy {although we all know I don’t need more}.  The word “Need” is relative right?  I’ve got to tell myself something to justify my recent purchases, otherwise……Who am I kidding I will sleep fine tonight with my little Mac treats nestled sweetly in their cozy drawer :-) I am going to share the love with one Glamtrotter reader as well, so keep on reading for your chance!

So here’s what I hauled:

  • Mac Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish
  • Mac Supernova Mineralize Blush
  • Mac Ring of Saturn Mineralize Blush
  • Mac Venus Lustre Lipstick
Often times mineralized blushes tend to lack in pigmentation factor, but this rule does not apply to Supernova nor Ring of Saturn!  These babies are pigmented yet versatile for those that prefer to sheer them out a bit.  Also, I was pleased to see a new lipstick and not just re-promotes!  Venus “had me at hello”!  If you like her I would recommend grabbing her while you can because she is limited edition and already sold out online.  I haven’t said much about Star Wonder, because let’s face it, it is in a league all of its own.  It is like Stereo Rose meets Perfect Topping.  I will make a prediction that this will be my most reached for MSF to date, and I will hit pan on this baby!

{Click the Images to View Full Size Swatches}

Launched here in the US on June 26th online and July 5th in stores.

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  1. avatar

    The Ring of Saturn Mineralize Blush is gorgeous!

  2. avatar

    I am in love with Star Wonder!

  3. avatar
    Denisse H.

    I amthe loving the Mac Ring of Saturn Mineralize Blush!

  4. avatar

    MAC Cremesheen Glass Celestial Kiss

  5. avatar

    Ring of Saturn looks really cool.

  6. avatar
    Lisa C

    I love Ring of Saturn, it looks gorgeous!!

  7. avatar

    I love the ring of Saturn blush, wow

  8. avatar

    OMG I am too excited about this new launch! I am DYING over the new Mineralize Skinfinish in Star Wonder! Thank you so much for sharing this post, your review and the swatches! GORGEOUS!

  9. avatar

    I am lurving the skinflashes and blushes. So pretty, both on skin and off!

  10. avatar

    The Ring of saturn & statr wonder looks heavenly. Im not really a pink blush kind of girl

  11. avatar
    Heather H.

    I’m loving the Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish! I’ve never tried any MAC products other than their lipstick in Snob but this collection really makes me want to try their other products out!

  12. avatar

    OMG! I love all the colors, I’ve never owned a MAC.quite pricey here in our country. But ohh boy! Those colors are just lovely!

  13. avatar

    i am loving the star wonder skin finish it is a pretty shade

  14. avatar
    Amanda Fong

    Star Wonder is SO ridiculously beautiful.

  15. avatar
    Amy Crystal

    Ring of Saturn looks soooooo amazing! Your swatch pictures are so helpful and will help me decide if I want to get anything from this collection! Thank you for the giveaway =)

  16. avatar

    I’m loving the supernova blush

  17. avatar
    nadia balbino

    Saturn blush is perfect

  18. avatar

    Beautiful swatches!!

  19. avatar

    Ring of Saturn looks amazing

  20. avatar

    I’d love to try Star Wonder – I bought Light Year but Star Wonder is sold out here.

  21. avatar
    Lisa Brown

    Love The Rings of Saturn, so pretty!

  22. avatar
    simren gul

    omg i just can’t over that Mac Ring of Saturn Mineralize Blush!!!! Its beyoooooond gorgeeeous!

  23. avatar

    Im loving Star Wonder & just recently purchased Light Year!! Love!

  24. avatar
    Tiffany C.

    The Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish :)

  25. avatar

    I’m loving the light year msf :)

  26. avatar

    Venus “had me at hello” is a real baby!

  27. avatar

    I LOVE the MSFs, particularly Star Wonder! Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. avatar

    This collection is just stunning. Ring of Saturn is so beautiful and in the pot it looks like a little strawberry shortcake :P

  29. avatar

    Ring of Saturn! <3 <3

  30. avatar

    I love the ring of Saturn blush,

    Just FAB !!!

  31. avatar

    oh my gosh these blushes are just amazingly amazing!!! :) I wish i could buy them but i don’t have any store that sells mac products near me! :(

  32. avatar

    Absolutely IN LOVE with the supernova cheek color! The three different blushes go perfectly together for contouring your face.

  33. avatar

    I am Absolutely Loving the Saturn blush! The sort of brownish colour is my fav for cheeks! Also the blush just looks absolute amazeballs with the swirls!! LOVE IT

  34. avatar
    Laura M.

    I love each and every one of the eyeshadows. I’m studying astronomy in college so this whole collection just makes me so happy!

  35. avatar

    I am loving to try the supernova and ring of saturn blushes! thank you :)

  36. avatar
    Hao Zhen


  37. avatar


  38. avatar

    The lipstick is alluring <3

  39. avatar

    Star wonder mineralize skin finish = so gorgeous!

  40. avatar

    I love the mix of all! especially star wonder!

  41. avatar
    sp Ng

    Ring of Saturn enchants me ^^

  42. avatar

    Cannot resist to tell ya how much I love the venus lipstick color!

  43. avatar

    Mineralized skin finish! <3

  44. avatar

    The lipsticks colours are amazing!

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