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Posted December 9, 2011 by Amber in Beauty
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{Swatches at the bottom of this post}

L’Oreal Paris just launched a new line of lipsticks called Colour Riche Balm. I found these babies sitting beautifully on their display at my local Bed Bath and Beyond Store.  The price point was $5.79, which isn’t bad at all.   If you are a Revlon Lip Butter groupie as I have become, then this line is of a simliar school of thought. However there are some very distinct differences between the two lines that I have personally observed.


Most colors are extremely sheer in pigmentation, however all colors are build-able. Some more than others. If you have very pigmented lips like I do, you may want to pick up the more pigmented colors of this line: 219 Plush Plum, 418 Caring Coral, and 518 Tender Mauve. I personally found 118 Pink Satin, 218 Rose Elixir, and 318 Heavenly Berry to leave no color on my lips at all, it was more like applying a clear lip balm.


The formula is extremely moisturizing with an SPF 15 rating, and a lovely smell similar to cotton candy. The texture feels oil based, almost as if you have applied sunscreen to your lips.  In my opinion the texture is quite comparable to the formula of Maybelline Baby Lips, except longer lasting. Whereas the Revlon Lip Butters have a thicker creamy feel.  If you are not a fan of a “slick” moisturizing effect these may not be your cup of tea.  I did find that my lips felt moisturized for a much longer period using the Loreal Colour Riche Balm than they do when using my Revlon Lip Butter.


The packaging and overall look of the L’Oreal Balm Line boasts modern elegance, with its gold interlocking angled tube, and semi transparent lid.  From a marketing perspective these seem to be catering in style to a more traditional demographic, rather than a trendy hip crowd.  These balm’s have an elegance about them best equated in the high end genre to YSL lipsticks.

Color Selection

This topic would be my main pet peeve with the L’Oreal Color Riche Balm line.  Simply put the color selection is quite lacking. I can get on board with a minimal color selection any day of the week, but what I can’t get on board with is four of the colors out of the 8 literally appear identical to one another.  If you wear muted nude colors there are some beautiful options with this line, although if you are looking for something a bit more bold in tint, one does not exist with the exception of 219 Plush Plum.

My Favorites

  • 219 Plush Plum
  • 418 Caring Coral
  • 518 Tender Mauve

 Cliff Notes Summary

The L’Oreal Color Riche Balm’s truly are tinted lip balms and less like lipsticks.  They are sheer in pigmentation, with the exception of a few colors.  The moisturizing properties are longer lasting as compared to its competitors, Revlon Lip Butter, and Maybelline Baby Lips.  The “slick” texture of these may or may not be a deterrent for some, it simply comes down to personal preference.  The packaging is elegant and the smell is divine, similar to the way MAC lipsticks smell.  The color selection is limited, but perhaps more baffling is that several of the shades appear almost identical when swatched. Overall, I would repurchase a few of these as bases under my lipsticks, as the moisture properties are fantastic.

{Click the Images to view the swatches full size}

I would love to hear what you think!  What are your Impressions, would you purchase?

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    I had no idea these were coming out. Hopefully I can find one when I’m out and about next week! Thanks for the review it helps that you compared them to Revlon’s LBs so I know what to expect.

  2. avatar

    Never knew these were coming out. I love the swathches. The revlon lip butters look a bit more pigmented though.

  3. avatar

    ….And another awesome review by you….Too bad it looks like none of those colors would work on me. *sigh*

  4. avatar

    What is the fragrance like on these. Unfortunately I hate the fragrance on the regular lipsticks

    • avatar

      Hi Dedra! The fragrance on these is similar to the fragrance of a MAC lipstick in that it smells like cotton candy or vanilla and is quite subtle. There is no perfumey type of frangrance on these {thank goodness}.

  5. avatar

    Thank you so much. This is the only site that has swatches of these!

  6. avatar

    wow I love the quality of your swatches thanks

  7. avatar

    I think I will pick up tender mauve. Love your swatches so helpful!

  8. avatar

    I purchased 819 last evening and I really love the lipstick. I also have very pigmented lips so 819 adds just a nice depth and finish to my lips without standing out too much; but that is exactly what I love about Carmel Comfort.

    The texture is fantastic, lovely smell and it wears really well so far. I also love the shimmer which it gives, it’s not one of those cheesy sparkly shimmers and not over the top glossy but it gives your lips a hint of shine, almost as if you would spread honey on your lips.

    On top of that, the price is not bad at all!

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    I am Afro-Canadian with a med to dark complexion. I swatch a few of these today and I am so disappointed. With the exception of Caramel Comfort and Plush Plum, these just show up as clear on my skin. My lips are pigmented, so there is no point in me purchasing them. I love Revlon Lip Butters since they are very pigmented and fade to a nice stain. The butters are not meant to be balms, so I don’t believe this to be the best comparison, but if I had to choose only one of the two products, I would definitely go with the Lip Butters.

    • avatar

      I agree with you, these are incredibly sheer. I have incredibly pigmented lips as well and is the reason that many of the colors showed up clear on me as well. These are more for folks who did not like the intense pigmentation of the Revlon Lip Butters. xo

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        I agree with Amber, those lipsticks (or lip Balm) are defiantly meant for people who don’t like flashy, bold colours on their lips and are looking for something more natural. And I love them for that exactly fact, they add a nice finish touch to my natural lip-colour making them look more sexy and a bit more full.

        But if I was looking for bright lip colour, I would not go with L’Oreal Balm.

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    Very beautiful colors, i think i perfer nude color, but in another review they said colors is very pale and you cant see it on lips really. Any comment on this?

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    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this review of L’oreal’s Balm. I don’ like to wear most lip sticks and other lip products because they tend to be too dark for my fair complexion and smaller mouth. I always think I look odd or awful in most colors, but then I saw this product and I got excited. I thought maybe I could wear this Balm and so I looked into it and found your site. Thanks to all the info and photo swatches, I was able to decide on 3 colors (Berry, mauve, and nude) and I love them! The colors look great on my pale lips and they even make them appear fuller, which is always a plus. Thanks again for your fab site. ;)

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    I have this in Rose Elixer and I lover it.

    You have the best swatches on the Internet. The Heavenly Berry looks like another I should try.

  13. avatar

    I purchase the heavenly berry, I am Hispanic, with olive skin and pigmented lips. I love love the heavenly berry shade, it looks natural, just a hint of color. Thank you

  14. avatar

    Iam 55 years old pink undertones blonde blue eyes would like you to tell me which balm would be the best I don’t want to bright And little natural but I want to see it fair burn first then tan a reddish brown tan can you help pick a color of the balm I like the shine.

    • avatar

      Hi Joann!

      It sounds like you and I have the same skin type. Tender Mauve is my absolute favorite, the pigmentation is there yet not too bright. It is the perfect mauve nude, and I often use it in place of my favorite Mac lipstick “High Tea” :D

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