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Posted December 29, 2011 by Amber in Beauty
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{Swatches at the bottom of this post}

I was doing some last minute shopping in Ulta last week and I happened upon a fancy little Cover Girl display showing off their new Blast Flip Stick blendable lip duos.  One end is a matte/creme lip color and the opposite end is a complimentary shimmer lip color that can be worn together or separately.  The concept certainly appealed to me as it would allow me to create different looks with one tube and ultimately giving me more bang for my buck!


The pigmentation is brilliant on both the creme end and the shimmer end of this lip color duo for all 6 colors that I tested.  I would compare the pigmentation to that of the Revlon Lip Butters without hesitation.


Both the creme and the shimmer ends glide on smoothly giving a nice glossy shine to your pout. I found the forumla loses its moisture 10 minutes after application so you would definitely want to add a lip balm prior to applying these if you have dry lips.  The unfortunate truth is that the flavor of this lip duo is quite unappealing, and leaves a fragrance-like after taste in your mouth that is very hard to ignore.  The smell is best comparable to that of “Play Doh”, no I am not kidding.  The smell, while not intolerable by any means, simply leaves something to be desired.


The packaging is convenient with its dual ended clear caps, and a lovely metallic design that coordinates to the color it represents.  Its nothing fancy, simply a hip and practical feel.

Color Selection

There are 13 duos currently in this line and from what I have observed there is quite a nice variety of shades from pinks to corals, to reds, and even browns.  What is more exciting is that each duo consists of two complimentary shades, giving you 2 lipsticks for the price of 1! There are a few color dupes for the Revlon Lip Butters within this line.  {Cherry Tart and Cheeky, Candy Apple & Smooch}

My Favorite Shades

  • Perky
  • Pucker
  • Vixen
  • Glimmer

Cliff Notes Summary

The CoverGirl Blast Flip Stick Duos boast amazing pigmentation, and offer a great value giving you two different yet complementary shades in 1 package.  The formula glides on smooth and leaves your pout shining, however after a short period of time it becomes necessary to add a moisture option such as a lip balm.  The fragrance and taste of these duos is not appealing AT ALL. It is not intolerable, however if you have a sensitivity to fragrance and taste you may not be a fan. The packaging is convenient and the color selection is fantastic.  Would I re-purchase these? Yes, a few of these shades I would, as the pigmentation factor is a huge plus for me being that I have quite pigmented lips!

{Click the images to view the swatches full size}

Let me hear what you think?  Are you lovin’ em’ or leavin’ em?

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    Wow I’m loving smooch for the spring!!! Amber your the best always have the best products to review

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    The taste factor is a turn off to me. L’oreal lipsticks taste gross to me and I find that I rarely wear them because of that. The colors are beautiful though so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to resist buying vixen.

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      Yeah, I completely know what you mean! It is really hard to get passed the taste that these leave in your mouth! Surprisingly the Loreal Color Riche Balm lippies that just came out have zero taste at all which is such a great change for LOreal.

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        Wow….really? That was the only thing keeping me from buying them. I love the lip butters so I haven’t tried the loreal ones because I thought they would taste gross. Now I need to go read your review and check swatches.

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    Those look gorgeous! I’ll pick one up and go from there!

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    Great review and swatches

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    Hi! I’m absolutely loving your blog. I just started to watch your videos and I truly think you are the sweetest person in you tube and I’m absolutely loving your videos.

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