The Voice behind GlamTrotter.com

My name is Amber, and I am the Founder and “Mouth” behind GlamTrotter.com. I am a wife to a “yummy man” who is very good to me, a mommy, a self-proclaimed Beauty and Fashion Fiend, and a former local fashion model.  Whew…Say that three times fast!  In addition to fashion modeling I served as a Director of Human Resources for 10 years within Corporate America. I just can’t get enough of all things Glam & Feminine which is what precipitated my launching GlamTrotter.com.

My twenties are now behind me and are quickly becoming a distant memory as I  turned 30 this year.  In my struggle to find peace with growing older, I am constantly researching and testing the best skincare products, cosmetics, and trendsetting fashion lines in hopes that my glam finds and beauty blunders are of benefit to my fellow “GlamTrotters” around the world!

I vow to my readers that I will always be “REAL” with you.  Being a genuine and valuable resource is something that I will always strive for GlamTrotter to be known as. Thanks so much for sticking around, this place wouldn’t be where it is without you!